Services and Fees of International Driver's Document - The Translation of Native Driver's License

The "International Driver's Document" (known as "International Driver's License") - passport size-booklet contains 6 pages in 6 foreign languages (English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, French) representing your Native Driver's License. ReliaBill Solutions offers shipping to 193 different countries around the world.

Type Of Document Expire Fees
International Driver's Document 1 Years $30.00
International Driver's Document 3 Years $40.00
International Driver's Document 5 Years $50.00
International Driver's Document 10 Years $70.00
Non Government ID-card 5 Years $20.00
Insurance of Document* One time $10.00


Shipping & Handling Services Delivery Period Fees
USPS Priority 2-3  days $7.99
USPS Express 24 hours $24.99
DHL Regular 5-10  days $44.99
DHL Business Express 48-72 hours $59.99


Replacement of International Driver's License Fees
Without Insurance $25
With Insurance FREE OF CHARGE **
Renewal discount $10

* If your card is lost or stolen, you may immediately contact us to report the loss or stolen and arrange for a replacement IDD's card to be mailed to you. You should keep a copy of your Native Driver's License and a copy of your International Driver's Document in a convenient place-separate from your IDD's card.

** Less shipping charge.

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