The advantages of International Driver’s Document (ID License) - IDL Benefits

It is recommended that you obtain International Driver's Document (IDD) prior to traveling overseas.  
International Driver’s Document and photo-ID supplement serve as a translation of your native driver's license into multiple foreign languages, so it can be easily interpreted by English-speaking and foreign authorities.  International Driver’s Document is honored in over 150 countries outside the United States.

Traveling with an International Driver’s Document (IDD or IDL) has many advantages, some of which are:

   - International Driving Document provides a translation into multiple languages, so that foreign countries’ police and other authorities can easily read your license in their own language;
   - IDL is an unofficial translation of your native driver's license;

   - International Driving Document can facilitate in the process of renting and driving motor vehicles abroad;
   - International Driving Document is intended to overcome the difficulties drivers might face while traveling in other countries that may have widely varying licensing requirements;
   - Your International Driver’s Document is easy to apply for with quick turnaround time and the best part is that it does not require a driving test!

You must be 18 (Eighteen) years or older and have valid, not expired officially issued native driver’s license to apply for International Driver’s Document.  The application process for International Driver’s Document is just a few easy steps: completing online application, attaching a copy of your native, valid driver's license and enclosing your passport-size color picture and hand-written signature.  You can apply using our secure online application by clicking the button below or by sending the application via regular postal service to our processing address listed on the application.

Enjoy access to convenient, secure online service that keep your account safe and make your life a little easier.

After processing your application, you will receive the following 2 documents:
(1) A translation of your government issued driver's license in a format of a passport-size booklet.  
(2) A photo-ID supplement enclosed with the booklet in a form of a plastic, credit card size card. To prevent fraud every photo-ID supplement card has a unique Security Shield Hologram.  
Note: these documents are not intended to replace valid U.S. state licenses and should only be used as a supplement to a valid license.

Please drive responsibly and obey all traffic and speed limit rules.  Happy traveling!

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Lost or stolen IDD? Call us to arrange for a free replacement card to be mailed to you. 
If your card is lost or stolen, you may contact us immediately to report the loss or theft and arrange for a free replacement card to be mailed to you. You should keep a copy of your Native Driver's License and a copy of your International Driver's Document in a convenient place, separate from your IDD card.